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We offer car insurance that meets your coverage needs for your vehicle


Car insurance for every need

We offer car insurance that meets your coverage needs for your vehicle

All of our offers have financial premiums and include rich coverage and unique free benefits.

Our offers through innovative way of pricing can and do reward the attentive driver with “Good driving” discounts. They simplify the coverage selection process and provide you with its unique service and support services.

Why choose Tsilimi Insurance

24/7 Service

We are at your disposal at any time immediately and with simple procedures. Our well-trained staff guarantees your impeccable service.


Our many years of experience in combination with our reliable partners is the reason you trust us.


How can I insure my vehicle?
You can insure your vehicle easily and quickly:

  • Online, by entering the details of the vehicle, duration of insurance and choosing the program that serves you.
  • By phone, calling (+30)26510 28131
Which vehicles your company can't insure?
The following vehicle uses cannot be insured at Tsilimi Insurance:

-Vehicles with foreign license plates

-Public trucks

-Taxi & Agoraia


-School Buses


-Rental vehicles


-Driving school vehicles

-Tractor & farm machines

-Duty free vehicles in a program with optional coverage

-Trucks moving within the airport runway

-Trucks moving within construction site

-Trucks for liquid fuels, chemicals or other dangerous goods

-Trucks transporting vehicles (e.g. roadside assistance)

-Fire trucks


-Garbage trucks

-8 or 9 seater vehicles

How is the coverage limit of my vehicle calculated?

The coverage limit of the vehicle is calculated based on its current commercial value and is necessary, in case the insurance plan you have chosen, includes the following coverages:

  • Fire
  • Natural phenomena
  • Terrorist acts
  • Total & Partial theft

The minimum coverage limit is € for passenger vehicles and € for trucks and agricultural trucks.

The maximum coverage limit for passenger cars, trucks and agricultural trucks is €

What will I receive after insuring my vehicle?

After the payment of your contract you will receive electronically:

  • The Insurance Application
  • The Insurance contract
  • The Green Card for your vehicle
  • The Book of Insurance Terms
  • The Newsletter
  • The Information Document
  • The Amicable Settlement Form
  • The Responsible Accident Form
  • The Claim Form
How do I get Fully comprehensive insurance?

1. You choose the car insurance program online or by phone at (+30)26510 28131
2. Fill in the start date of the contract, as soon as 2 days later, so that the photography of your car has been completed and the necessary inspection. Remember… if you choose today, we will automatically postpone the start of your contract 2 days later, to complete the necessary check.
3.You call at (+30) 26510 28131, after the completion of the purchase of your contract, Monday to Sunday from 9:30 – 14:30 and from 18:00 – 21:00, for the photographing of your car, using the special service defined by the Company.

When does the insurance coverage of my vehicle start?

The insurance coverage of your vehicle starts from the start date and insurance time indicated in the Insurance Policy, provided that the insurance premiums have been paid on time.

Especially in the case of mixed insurance to cover “Own losses & Malicious actions” is activated on the date and time of commencement indicated in the Insurance Policy, with the following conditions:

  • The car has been photographed by the Insured using an online service designated by the Company or by a representative of the Company.
  • During the photo shoot or inspection, the car is in good condition and the information they have at the time of issuance / purchase of the contract is confirmed.
  • If the Company finds that the above conditions are met, then the coverage “Own losses & amp; Malicious actions “is activated from the date and time of commencement indicated in the Insurance Policy.

If the inspection or photography is not done until the date and time of commencement indicated in the Insurance Policy or if it is done within this time and at the discretion of the Company the above conditions are not met, the remaining coverage will be activated from the date and time of commencement is listed in the Insurance Policy, except for the coverage “Own losses & Malicious actions “and the Company will refund your respective insurance premiums.

In any case, the Company will contact you by e-mail, or by sms to inform you about the activation of the coverage “Own damages & Malicious actions “or not.

What should I do in case of an accident with an uninsured vehicle?

In the event of an accident with an uninsured vehicle, you will need to call:

  • The Traffic Police, as the recording of the incident by the Authorities is necessary.
  • He called us so that our specialized person could come on the spot, to undertake all the procedures.

The registration will require the uninsured vehicle to be at the scene.

Remember… In all our insurance programs, there is coverage “Material damage from uninsured vehicle”, so we will cover the cost of repairing your vehicle, if you are not responsible for the accident.

What is an Accident Transport?

The transport of the vehicle by accident is included in all the insurance programs of our Company.

In the event of an accident with another vehicle, call (+30)26510 28131 and we will be by your side, whenever needed, for:

  • On-site recording of the incident by a specialized employee
  • Immediate transfer of your vehicle to a local workshop of your choice
What are Collaborating Workshops?

Our company has a wide and reliable network of collaborating workshop. You can repair your vehicle without paying any money:

  • In case the Amicable Settlement has been signed and for the accident that happened you are not responsible.
  • If the accident that happened was with an uninsured vehicle and you are not responsible

A necessary condition is that the incident has been recorded by the Traffic Police.

  • In case of damage caused by Fire, Natural phenomena etc. as long as you have selected the corresponding coverage in your insurance plan.

Remember that for compensation you will need to provide a document from the relevant service that will confirm the cause of the damage. For example in case of fire damage, you will need a document from the fire department. If the coverage has an exemption it is valid normally.

In case of damage am I entitled to a replacement vehicle?

We guarantee you a car up to 1,200cc in case:

  • accident with another vehicle, for which you are not responsible.
  • repair for damage from optional coverage, if you have selected them in your insurance plan.
  • that you have chosen in your insurance coverage “Own Losses & Malicious actions”.

Remember that the replacement vehicle is provided from the day the repair is started.

How is my contract renewed?

In case you were insured online or by phone and chose to receive mail in your e-mail:

25 days before the expiration date of your contract you will receive the Payment Notice for the renewal, by e-mail. One day after the payment of your premiums you will receive the contract renewal in your e-mail.

In case you had insured by phone and chose to receive your mail by mail:

25 days before the expiration date of your contract you will receive the Payment Notice for renewal by post. After paying your premiums you will receive the contract renewal at your mailing address.

How can I make changes to my contract?

If you want to make any changes to your contract, all you need to do is send us an e-mail.

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