Tsilimi Health Insurance

We offer health insurance for primary and hospital care in Greece and abroad

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Health insurance for every need

Medical Care for any cause

Private Health Insurance is the best solution to ensure high quality and effective health cost management. It complements the benefits of the social fund and protects you from adventures and any “catastrophic” expenses.

Primary and Hospital Care in Greece and Abroad


  • Emphasis on prevention and effective treatment, not cost
  • Easy access to Doctors and Clinics
  • Use of modern treatment methods and medical technology
  • Immediate Service
  • No waiting


  • Coverage in Public and Private Services
  • Extended Choices of Doctors
  • Numerous Diagnostic Centers and Clinics
  • Tackling unforeseen and high costs
  • Coverage of annual private health expenses that cannot be avoided
  • Affordable Insurance Costs

Our agency has valuable experience, know-how, size and infrastructure in the field of Health. We offer you a choice between different categories of modern programs, which offer access to both primary and secondary care.

Why choose Tsilimi Insurance

24/7 Service

We are at your disposal at any time immediately and with simple procedures. Our well-trained staff guarantees your impeccable service.


Our many years of experience in combination with our reliable partners is the reason you trust us.


What should I do if I need to visit a Collaborating Hospital as part of my treatment?

In case of Nursing you should have with you your Nursing Card as well as the illness booklet of the State Insurance Agency, if any. 

If I lose my personal health insurance card, what should I do?
In case you have lost your personal insurance card, you need to restore it in time.

Contact us at customer service phones (+30)26510 28131 on working days 9: 30-14:30 as well as from 18:00 to 21:00 and we will make sure to send it to you by post, at your own expense.

What is my contribution to the costs of hospitalization?

Most health plans can and do work in addition to all Social Security Funds as well as any other Insurance Institution (group insurance).
Your insurance policy, you can – using your main insurance company – have a reduction or even exemption from your participation in hospitalizations!

Can the insurance cover my children as well?
In most insurance companies, if you insure your family (spouse and children under 18) with the same insurance policy, you will have quite large discounts that depend on the number of insured members. From the age of 4, insurance is usually free.

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