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We offer you flexible and modern programs for the insurance of your home.

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House insurance for every need

Flexible and modern programs for your home.

Home insurance from our agency is a reliable and economical proposal that is tailored to your needs, offering you the opportunity to choose the coverage you want depending on your relationship with the insured home (owner or tenant).

Depending on the property you wish to insure (building and / or content) our programs contain the following basic coverages:

  • Building Content
  • Fire, smoke damage
  • Explosion
  • Aircraft crash
  • Vehicle collision
  • Burglary – Thief damage

In addition you can choose any of the following optional coverages you wish

  • Content
  • Leaking pipes
  • Breaking windows
  • Earthquake
  • Computer damage
  • Short circuit of electrical – electronic devices

Why choose Tsilimi Insurance

24/7 Service

We are at your disposal at any time immediately and with simple procedures. Our well-trained staff guarantees your impeccable service.


Our many years of experience in combination with our reliable partners is the reason you trust us.


Which homes can be insured in your company?

In our company can be insured houses that:

  • They are made with a legal license.
  • The frame of the property is made of reinforced concrete.
  • They have no previous damage.
  • They do not live uninhabited for more than ninety (90) consecutive days.
  • They are not available to third parties with a short-term lease of less than two monΤι θεωρείται κτίριο και τι περιεχόμενο;ths.
  • They have no professional use.

In addition, houses that have been built after 1960 and consist of 30 sq.m. can be insured. up to 400 sq.m.

What is considered a building and what content?
Building defines the building together with its facilities (eg central heating, doors, windows, solar panels, solar panels and wind turbines) that cannot be separated from it without suffering reduction in their value.

Content defines the movable items of ordinary household equipment in the covered area of ​​the building or in warehouses belonging to the building and intended for domestic and non-commercial use. Content is defined as fixed objects that are attached to the building and that can be removed without losing their value (eg air conditioners, lighting, electrical appliances, clothing, furniture, etc.).

How can I insure housing in your company?

You can insure your home easily and quickly by calling (+30)26510 28131.

After the payment of your contract, you will receive in your e-mail all the necessary documents in electronic form.

How is the insured capital calculated?

Insured capital is the amount you will be compensated in the event of a loss, based on the cost of replacing it (regardless of the amount of your loan, if you have one). It is important to choose this amount according to objective criteria, so that your compensation is fair.

The insured capital that we offer you when you are insured with us, is calculated based on the square meters of your home and the lowest amount we insure per square meter. In case you are not satisfied with the amount of insured capital that we propose to you, you can of course change it, within the insured limits.

When does my home insurance coverage start?

The insurance coverage of your home starts from the date of commencement and time of insurance stated in the Insurance Policy, provided that the premiums have been paid on time.

What will I receive after insuring my home?

After the payment of your contract you will receive electronically:

  • The Insurance Application
  • The insurance policy and its copy in case of a mortgage loan
  • The Book of insurance terms
  • The Proof of payment of premiums
  • The Information Form, according to Article 4A of Law 2251/1994 and Article 150 of Law 4364/2016
  • The Information Document
  • The prospectus for the processing of personal data
  • The information document
  • The models of statement of Opposition and Withdrawal

In case of a mortgage loan, you need to print the Insurance Terms Book and deliver it to the Bank.

I'm a borrower. Which insurance plan should I choose and what documents do I need to present to the bank?

It is important to know that you can insure your home with any insurance company you choose. According to Circular 462 of the Bank of Greece, every bank must accept any home insurance policy that meets the requirements of the loan agreement.

Remember… You need to print the Insurance Terms Book and deliver it to the Bank!

What should I do in case of damage?
In case of damage, you should inform our company as soon as possible by phone (+30)26510 28131

Specialized staff of the Company undertakes all the procedures on your behalf:

  • Recording of the event by completing the relevant documents
  • Photography from the space
  • Assessment of damaged items
At what value am I compensated in case of damage?

In our company we want you to be compensated fairly, correctly and quickly. This presupposes that you have insured your property at its proper value, based on the actual square meters of your home in combination with its level of construction, and respectively its content has been secured. This forms the final total amount of insurance, ie the coverage and the corresponding Limit of Liability of the insurance company. We always reimburse you for the cost of replacing your damage, based on the insured capital you have chosen.

It is important to know that the repair or reconstruction of your residential building is covered, at a value of new of the same use and quality. The reconstruction value depends on the quality of the materials used for the construction of the building. The replacement value usually differs from the objective or commercial value. Respectively, for the content, we cover the insured items in value of new ones of the same use and quality, based on the insured value you have chosen and range of insurance value.

Remember… Calculating the value is important, because in this way you secure your property in the best possible way and you are sure that, in case of damage, your home will be like and before.

What is an exemption?
The exemption is the participation of the insured in the restoration of the damage.
For example, if a flood damage occurs in the house that reaches € 1,000 and the exemption is € 200, then the Insured pays the exemption and the Company pays the remaining amount.
How is my contract renewed?

In case you had insured online or by phone and you chose to receive the mail in your e-mail:

25 days before the expiration date of your contract you will receive the Payment Notice for the renewal, by e-mail. One day after the payment of your premiums you will receive the contract renewal in your e-mail.

In case you had insured by phone and chose to receive your mail by mail:

25 days before the expiration date of your contract you will receive the Payment Notice for renewal by post. After paying your premiums you will receive the contract renewal at your mailing address.

How can I make changes to my contract?

If you want to make any changes to your contract, all you need to do is send us an e-mail.

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