Tsilimi Life Insurance

We offer life insurance which offers lifelong insurance protection and savings.

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Life insurance for every need

Life Insurance offers lifetime insurance protection as well as savings

In case of loss of life of the insured due to illness or accident, whenever it happens, pay the beneficiaries the coverage capital. The coverage capital is guaranteed and can be increased even more, depending on the current economic market conditions.

Life Insurance can be used for:

  • The payment of inheritance or donation tax
  • Repayment of regular family obligations (mortgage or consumer loans, credit cards, tax authorities, etc.)
  • The repayment of the family’s extraordinary obligations (medical expenses, burial of the deceased, etc.)

It also works as a savings plan since if at some point, after completing the necessary years, it is not desirable to continue the program then a significant guaranteed lump sum is provided that can be used to:

  • Financing important purchases (house, car, etc.)
  • The financial coverage of the children’s studies
  • The financial support of their professional plans
  • Financial treatment of health emergencies.

Why choose Tsilimi Insurance

24/7 Service

We are at your disposal at any time immediately and with simple procedures. Our well-trained staff guarantees your impeccable service.


Our many years of experience in combination with our reliable partners is the reason you trust us.


How do I make the right choice?
  1. Calculate correctly the amount you will be insured to insure your people. The insurance consultant will help you decisively in the correct calculation.
  2. Choose the life insurance plan category that really meets your needs.
  3. Choose a creditworthy and reliable insurance company like ours , with a strong financial background and quality support and service.
How do I calculate the Life Insurance Fund I need?

Our Partner will help you capture, through a special questionnaire and applications, the necessary capital to protect your family.

For example, if you have € 75,000 expenses and € 25,000 available funds , the indicative life insurance capital you need is € 50,000.

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