Tsilimi Motorbike Insurance

We offer motorbike insurance that meets your coverage needs 

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Motorbike insurance for every need

Motorbike insurance programs are the ideal solution for those riders who want the insurance coverage required by law for their motorbike.

Our programs are one of the richest in the insurance market.

They offer you:

Civil liability to third parties
Coverage from uninsured vehicle
Roadside assistance

Why choose Tsilimi Insurance

24/7 Service

We are at your disposal at any time immediately and with simple procedures. Our well-trained staff guarantees your impeccable service.


Our many years of experience in combination with our reliable partners is the reason you trust us.


What motorbike do you insure?

We insure all motorcycles on the market with 1st year of circulation since 1990.

Prerequisite for insuring your motorcycle with us is that the driver – and the owner and anyone else who uses the motorcycle – is over 18 years old. Do not forget that the age limits are also affected by the cubic centimeters of the motorcycle, according to the law. For example, for motorcycles over 125cc, the minimum age is 20 years.

For how many days can I insure my motorcycle?

You are not limited to annual, semi-annual or quarterly contracts. You adapt your security to your needs.

If I am insured elsewhere and want to change?

You have the right to cancel your contract with the other insurance company whenever you want. In fact, according to the law, if you have not used any coverage, you are entitled to a refund corresponding to the unpaid.

So you can inform them when you want your contract to be canceled and at the same time make the purchase of the insurance with us: you can make the purchase up to 30 days before the date you want your insurance to start.

How many days does it take to activate my insurance policy?

Only 1 day! This means that you can make the purchase today and the safety of your machine starts tomorrow. And if you have time ahead of you, you can make the purchase up to 30 days before the date you want your contract to start. The earlier, the better.

To renew your insurance, you can make the purchase whenever you want, starting 30 days before the expiration of your contract until the last day.

We remind you in time. And it is very easy: Through the emails we send you you do the renewal with just 1 click.

What do I do in case of an accident?
You are calling us! Whatever happens, whatever time it is, you invite us to (+30)26510 28131. The phone is also in your contract – save it and have it on your mobile.

You will talk to one of our people who will guide you from the first moment. We have the ability to do the registration over the phone – so you do not have to wait unnecessarily on the road and to start compensation procedures faster, without delays.

Of course, if necessary, we send help to you immediately.

Do not worry about anything. We are by your side 24/7, with the most combative team!

How can I report an accident?

You will call us at (+30)26510 28131, at any time, 24/7. The sooner we know, the faster we can move.

Together we will record the data. We will ask you for a copy of the registration certificate, your diploma and details about the vehicle you crashed into. If you also have photos from the crash, from the vehicles involved and the road signs will help us a lot. From there we take care of everything.

Our priority, especially in case of damage, is your peace of mind! That is why we inform you regularly, for every development, by email, SMS or by phone, so that you do not have any questions.

Who will pay the workshop after the damage?

You can repair the damage in any workshop you want. We can suggest you what we have singled out, and in fact the closest to you, so that it suits you! 

After you choose the workshop and arrange the repair, if the workshop agrees to be paid with authorization, we will pay the workshop directly. Otherwise, you will pay for the repair, send us the invoices and we will compensate you immediately.

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