Doctor Legal Support

Program Coverage:

Criminal Defense:

To defend the insured before the criminal courts and disciplinary councils for ex
negligence criminal offenses related to his professional activity, such as in

  • incorrect or dangerous operation or harmful anesthesia,
  • incorrect or dangerous treatment,
  • hazardous medication or treatment in the context of clinical trials or pioneering techniques,
  • aesthetic deformation or imperfect aesthetic effect,
  • homicide by negligence,
  • category for false certifications,
  • professional secrecy or breach of medical confidentiality,
  • refusal to perform work,
  • misdiagnosis in the broadest sense,
  • events during pregnancy and childbirth involving mother & child.

File a Complaint in the cases:

  • Insult
  • Use of force
  • Causing bodily harm
  • Defamation

Claiming Compensation:

To claim compensation from third parties for damage to the machinery and equipment of his office, as well as and for the purchase of defective machines in his office. Compensation claims are also covered by tort before civil courts as well as appeals before administrative courts.

Labor Disputes:

For disputes between the insured doctor as an employer and the legally employed staff,
from overtime, dismissals, late arrivals, leave, compensation, etc.

Lease Differences:

For the differences that may arise from the professional roof with the owner of the practice, for arbitrary or excessive rent increase, eviction, damage caused, etc.

Disputes with insurance funds:

For the differences between the insured and his pension and care insurance fund.

Differences from insurance policies:

For the differences of the insured with his insurance company from insurance policies that concern the doctor's office such as fire, theft, personal accidents. Coverage includes invocation insuring the risk of the professional liability of the insured as well as the rejection of claims third parties against him.

Differences from dependent employment relationship (Concerns only Hospital Doctors with Clinic):

To safeguard the legal interests of the insured doctor, who provides his services with
dependent employment relationship with his employer, including his protection in case
sworn administrative examination or disciplinary proceedings, initiated by the employer against him.

Indicative examples:

  • Secondment - Transfer - Crises - Promotions
  • Harmful changes
  • Disputes arising with the Insurance Fund
  • Apologies - EDE - Official or non-official reports
  • Withholding of salary
  • Incorrect calculation of overtime, on-call time, etc.
  • Dismissal without compensation or without cause
  • Rights of leave - rest - scientific research, etc.
  • Unfavorable transfer
  • Compensation from a work accident

The coverage is valid in Greece


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