Savings for the future

It is aimed at people who want to secure a guaranteed income in the future and provides one-time capital at maturity with the highest technical interest rate on the market.

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Savings for the future

It is aimed at people who want to secure a guaranteed income in the future and provides one-time capital at maturity with the highest technical market rate.

Preferential Pension
Creates a sufficient pension fund at maturity with periodic and extraordinary payments. You choose the premium you want to pay each month and the duration of your insurance, while it is possible to modify the premium.

Future Pension
Provides you with a lifetime guaranteed pension or a lump sum at a predetermined retirement age. In case of loss of life during the insurance period, the paid premiums and the accumulated dividends are returned to the beneficiaries.

Secure Syntax

  • Payment of a monthly life allowance.
  • Payment of a Lump sum Equal to 2 annual pensions (24 monthly pensions).
  • Technical interest rate for the entire duration of the insurance.
  • In case of loss of life during the insurance period, the paid premiums are returned to the beneficiaries.

Periodic Payment of Premiums
Allows you to create your personal investment account through a systematic savings process with competitive terms and preferential investment.

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Saving Tips

Set clear and realistic goals. This will motivate you to save.

When we know why we are saving, then we have one more reason to be consistent. Are you dreaming of a trip? Do you provide for the next service of the car? Or do you just want to save money for an emergency? Whatever your goals are, by saving, you can achieve them! And once you decide the “why”, define the “how much” and the “when” and so you will have everything you need to calculate the amount you have to put aside each month to achieve your goal.

Get a pencil and paper and write down your expenses. This way you will be able to spend "smartly"!

Start with your monthly income, ie your salary or income from other sources. Next, write down your basic expenses, such as rent or the supermarket, as well as various regular payments, such as bills or installments. Continue with what you spend for fun, such as a meal at a restaurant. When you record it all, you will have a complete picture of where you are spending your money and you will find that there are ways to save money, as long as you spend it “smartly”. The amount you can put aside may be more than you think!

"Pay" yourself first! That way you will not feel that "you do not have more"!

If you wait until the end of the month to save, chances are you will never run out of money. The secret is to save when you get paid before you start spending on all your other obligations. This means that you should see savings as an account to yourself, and in fact, the first one you will take care of every month.

Start saving today with the amount you can. This is the ideal!

Start with what you can without stress and soon, seeing the amount you have collected you will not believe your eyes! The first goal must be small and therefore more easily achievable. Once you meet him, put a new one. Soon, saving will become a habit and you will feel joy and satisfaction because you will have succeeded!

Use an account solely for savings purposes

If you save in the same account where you receive your salary or in the account you use for your daily transactions, then you will not be able to easily and clearly track how much money you have saved and you will not know how close or far you are in relation to them. your goals. In addition, if you save in a separate account, it will be easier to resist the temptation to use part of the savings for other purposes!

Combine small savings goals with "livelihoods". That way you will have a double profit!

It is easier to try to combine a small saving goal for something you really want, such as a trip, with a change in your habits that can improve your life or health, such as quitting smoking, avoiding use. means of transportation for very short distances, preparing meals at home, etc. Calculate the amount that corresponds to the expenses you are now avoiding, and make sure to save them each month for your purpose. Fulfilling your goal will be a double reward for you!

Do not fail to regularly check the result of your effort. This will keep the effort active!
Μην παραλείπεις να ελέγχεις τακτικά το αποτέλεσμα της προσπάθειάς σου. Έτσι θα κρατάς την προσπάθεια ενεργή!
Finally, do not forget to put a little money aside for an emergency. This way you will have peace of mind!

Life is full of emergencies, such as a car breakdown. In addition to the frustration caused by emergencies, they often create additional stress, as they need money to deal with them. We can not prevent emergencies from happening, but we can be financially prepared for them. In this way we protect the other savings targets, as in case of emergency there is no need to use money from the holiday, education, etc.

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