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Those of you who love the sea are well aware that in order to offer real enjoyment, a trip must be accompanied by a sense of security and safety.

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Boat insurance for every need

Those of you who love the sea are well aware that in order to offer real enjoyment, a trip must be accompanied by a sense of security and safety. But even if you know everything about your favorite boat, you can not always predict the dangers that may threaten both it and you as the owner. For this, the agency Tsilimi Insurance is now addressed to the owners of yachts, providing boat insurance of various categories, such as sailboat, motor boat and speedboat.

What boat insurance programs offer you

1. Civil Liability Coverage

Civil Liability for Personal Injuries, Material Damage, Marine Pollution within the limits of Law 4256/14

2. Liability coverage and coverage of the boat itself according to the clauses I.Y.C 1/11/85

  • Marine hazards
  • Grounding, sinking
  • Fire
  • Theft of boat and / or equipment
  • Impact on dock or harbor equipment or facilities or on fixed / floating objects
  • Towing
  • Malicious actions
  • Lifting and launching the boat
  • Shipwreck / maritime assistance costs
  • Extraction (rejection of objects)
  • Earthquake, volcanic eruption or lightning.

Extensions to boat insurance coverages

  • Boat charter chartered by crew
  • Boat charter chartered by crew
  • Land boat transport
  • Liability from and to sliding skiers
  • Coverage of a sailing boat during its participation in races

Why choose Tsilimi Insurance

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Is boat insurance mandatory?

According to law 4256 Government Gazette 92 / 14-4-2014, which was passed by the Greek Parliament, and concerned the tourist ships: The movement and circulation of pleasure boats, passenger ships and small boats of the First Part of this law as well as small boats or other marine recreational facilities which are considered speedboats according to the current port regulations, are only allowed if they are insured.

What does boat insurance cover?
  1. the statutory liability coverage.
  2. insurance against losses of the vessel itself (gross)
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Can I use my boat for water sports?

If you want to use your boat for water sports such as skiing, banana, parachuting, etc. you must declare it to the insurance company in order to calculate the relevant premium and mainly to cover a possible accident during these activities. Get an offer for your boat insurance by calling us at 26510 28131 for us to offer you.

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